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Bledsoe County Warriors standing at the ready to battle on the field for challenge trophy

Bledsoe County High School Warrior football team seniors stand ready to take the trophy from the Sequatchie County High School Indians on Friday night in Pikeville. The seniors plan to lead the Warrior team to victory and take possession of the challenge trophy, Chief Roaring Eagle. First Farmers and Commercial Bank (FFCB) of Pikeville have sponsored the challenge for over 25 years. Planning on the win are (left to right) FFCB President and CEO Terry Eastwood, Braiton Boring, John Loyd, Brandon Nelson, Andrew Sandell, David Holt, Salahadeen Janajareh, Will Songer, Silas Davis, Hunter Clark, Kaleb Reed, Eli Tabor, Brady Reece and Coach Dewayne Tabor. Bledsoe is hosting the game with a 6:30 p.m. kickoff.

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