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Cravens captured

UPDATED STORY (7-23-2017):

The manhunt for fugitive Samual Cravens is now over, according to Chief Deputy Chris Holland of the Bledsoe County Sheriff’s Department.

Holland said Cravens was captured near the motorcycle ranch on Highway 127 early Sunday morning, July 23.

Holland said Cravens will be extradited to Indiana at a later date. 

More details to come in the July 27 issue of the Bledsonian-Banner.


UPDATED STORY (7-21-2017): Chief Deputy Chris Holland of the Bledsoe County Sheriff’s Department said the fugitive who bailed from a car in Pikeville on Tuesday is still at large.

Cravens was reportedly spotted by a local resident near Lower East Valley Road on Thursday, July 20. However, Holland said the department did not see Cravens themselves when following up on the call.

Holland said he believes Cravens is headed south. Call 911 if you see the fugitive. See the July 27 issue of The Bledsonian-Banner for more.

ORIGINAL STORY: The Bledsoe County Sheriff’s Department is assisting U.S. Marshals in searching for a fugitive who bailed from a personal car while evading a U.S. Marshal near AutoZone around 10:00 this morning.

The fugitive is described as: 38 years old, white male, 160 lbs., 5’10” in height, wearing white shorts and a black T-shirt.

His name is reportedly Samual Cravens of Fortville, Indiana. He is wanted on charges of child molestation.

His beard has been clipped since the photo was taken, noted Sheriff Jimmy Morris.

Officials urge the public to stay indoors. Dog search teams are assisting in the hunt.

Call 911 if you see the fugitive. For more see the July 20 issue of The Bledsonian-Banner

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  1. Tammy Rothwell on August 19, 2017 at 1:16 am

    I am just so thankful for social media…because this is why it is both valuable and priceless at the same time. People gossip..good ,bad , they don’t care…so when you put it on Facebook to find someone that is a felon on the run…I am sharing that with everybody!!! See how fast he was I said..both valuable and priceless.

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