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Black Bear sightings in downtown Pikeville

A black bear that was relocated from the Great Smokey Mountains National Park has made its way to downtown Pikeville. Reports of the collared bear originated Sunday, July 23 on the Cumberland Plateau and Monday and Tuesday, July 24-25 in downtown Pikeville.

The National Park Service is tracking the bear. Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency (TWRA) does not need notified when the bear has been seen. TWRA asks everyone to give the bear space and follow guidance from

  • Never follow a black bear. Give wildlife plenty of room to vacate an area. Following an animal for photos can unintentionally put wildlife or humans in harm’s way.
  • Never intentionally feed bears and look for unintentional food sources around homes. Trash, birdfeeders, unpicked garden vegetables, greasy grills and outside petfood can attract bears.
  • Secure food, garbage, recycling, and grills in areas not accessible to bears and other wildlife.  Place trash in bearproof containers and place out the morning of pick up.
  • Alert neighbors to bear activity and make noise when exiting your home to alert wildlife and provide time for them to move away.
  • Find more info, including hiking and camping in bear country at

More information to follow in The Bledsonian-Banner’s August 3 issue.

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