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Comptroller asked to review Highway Department finances

An emergency $337,000 tax anticipation note had to be obtained from the State in order to cover overdrafts on the Bledsoe County Highway Department and to meet payroll when the office changed administration on September 1, reports Mayor Gregg Ridley.

He explained the previous Road Superintendent, Robby Roberson, apparently paid out $1.2 million in the last 30 days of his administration. On his final day in office, August 31, there were $985,833.02 in checks written out, according to county financial records.

For more see the September 22 issue of The Bledsonian Banner.

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  1. Julaine Mcfate on October 19, 2022 at 12:45 pm

    certainly needs checking into. Glad it is being reviewed, Definitely not how one does business.

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