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Bledsoe County Schools closed Monday, more info

Update from Bledsoe County Director of Schools James Ellis:

Good afternoon everyone. The following information will be available on the Bledsoe County Schools’ website, Facebook page and by Email.

On Monday, August 30, all Bledsoe County Schools will be closed with no extra curricular activities. Central office staff will report to work.

Pending approval from the State Department of Education, on Tuesday , August 31,

Bledsoe County Middle School, Wheeler Elementary School and Rigsby Elementary School will be in-person learning with staffs and students reporting to their respective schools.

Pikeville Elementary School and Bledsoe County High School will be on remote learning with staffs reporting to their respective schools and students staying home. Teachers will contact their students to set up remote learning.

Devices will be available for pickup on Monday, August 30, at Pikeville Elementary for PES students and at Bledsoe County High School for BCHS students from 3 to 5 pm.

Students must have a signed Acceptable Use Policy form to receive a device.

The COVID nurse will be available for testing on Monday, August 30, from 8 to 11 am.

Parents, all bus routes will run Tuesday. Please be flexible on bus times due to less students riding the buses. Buses could be arriving earlier to bus stops.

Thank you

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