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Bledsoe census response rate low

Bledsoe County’s 2020 Census self-response rate was the fourth lowest in the state as of Monday, August 17. Census data is extremely important in regard to funding for local governments, as money received for local projects including roads, education, and much more is based on Census data.

The county had a 45.6 percent self-response rate, up only 2.7 percent since May, according to data from The County’s self-response rate for the 2010 Census was 60.2 percent.

Only Perry, Polk, and McNairy counties had a lower response rate as of Monday. The lowest county response rate in the state, McNairy, was at 42.2 percent and the highest response rate was Williamson at 76.6 percent.

As for other area counties, Hamilton County had the highest response rate at 64.6 percent, followed by Cumberland, 61.0 percent; Van Buren, 58.4 percent; Sequatchie, 55.0 percent; and Rhea, 52.5 percent.

As for the City of Pikeville, the response rate is one of the lowest out of the state’s 364 cities and towns. It had a response rate of 37.0 percent as of Monday. Pikeville is ranked 324 out of 346, with 346 being the worst response rate statewide.

For more see the August 20 issue of The Bledsonian Banner.

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