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School Board rejects Pendergrass’ settlement offer

The Board of Education rejected a settlement offer by Board Member Vince Pendergrass in which he would have dismissed the lawsuit he filed against the Board in mid-January.

Pendergrass’ settlement offer would have amended the public censure placed on him last fall by the Board and would have allowed him to “attend any and all school activities and events, including sporting events, in which his children are involved,” while also keeping some limits in place such as communicating directly with any coaches or Director of Schools Jennifer Terry.

Board members Andy Billingsley, Bron Reece, Don Snow, and Vincent Boring voted to reject the proposal. Board Member Jacob Frady was the sole vote to accept the proposal, while member Stacy Farmer passed. Pendergrass was not allowed to vote.

The lawsuit seeks to end the public censure of him and alleged the Board did not have the authority to do so and will now continue through to a hearing by Chancellor Melissa Blevins-Willis in April.

For more, see the March 21 issue of The Bledsonian-Banner.

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