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World’s longest yard sale is here


Hundreds of people were already shopping at McBay’s farm North of Pikeville early Thursday, August 3.

  Watch closely for other cars and pedestrians while driving because the 30th year of the annual U.S. – 127 yard sale officially began on Thursday morning, Aug. 3 and will last through the weekend.  

     To many, this annual sale is a chance to find bargains and unique items that cannot be found anywhere else.

     When the yard sale officially began in 1987 though, it was a way to encourage travelers to bypass interstate highways and take scenic routes, leading them through small towns like our own.

     These small towns and cities like ours offered access to beautiful mountain-valley scenery, state parks like Fall Creek Falls, waterfalls, rivers, fishing and much more that the interstate highways did not offer.

     The founder of the yard sale, Mike Walker, a former Fentress County Executive, planned the event to bring more travelers to Tennessee.

     Since his founding 30 years ago, the yard sale has grown to stretch through six states in total from Alabama to Michigan.

     Read more about the history of the yard sale and what keeps people coming back in this week’s issue of The Bledsonian-Banner


  1. Cindy Griffith on August 5, 2017 at 3:25 pm

    I live in RI. & just heard about this event. Would absolutely love doing this!! I need some information on it like where it begins, ends, are hotel accommodations near or along the event? Please let me know, also dates for the following year. Thank you so much… 😊

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